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 1.   Industrial Association `Soda`  Production of the Industrial Association `Soda` finds the widest application in chemical, glass, pulp-and-paper, electronic, oil refining, in color and ferrous metallurgy and in other branches
 2.   Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Making Company (PNPPK)  45-year experience in development and production of navigation systems for various applications as well as consumer goods. Its main business spheres are avionics, marine navigation and power tools.
 3.   the Industrial Association `Soda`  The company makes more than 20 names of production, among which: salt mixture BMR, BMF, potassium hydrate (scaled / liquid), sodium metasilicate, neutral salt NT-495.
 4.   The Open Joint Stock Company `Perm Lubricants Plant`  The Open Joint Stock Company `Perm Lubricants Plant` is engaged in the manufacture of the products for machine-building, metallurgical, machine-tool-building and mining enterprises
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