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 1.   Chemistry Department of Moscow State University  Chemistry Department (as a part of Moscow State University) is a leading center of scientific research and education; provides fundamental education in chemistry and related fields of science; develops new technologies, new types of materials and medicines, analytical techniques and devices of highest scientific and technical level.
 2.   Firearms in Russia  I thought it would be nice to add a little information about firearms in Russia because some of my American friends often asked me questions about our laws and I`ve heard enough weird rumors.
 3.   Grigory Yavlinsky  
 4.   Laboratory of Environmental Radioactivity  The Laboratory of Environmental Radioactivity `LRK-1 MEPhI` (pronounced as [elerka-od`in mefi]) is certified by the Radiation Control Laboratories Accreditation System (RCLAS), that acts within the limits of Standard Provision System (SPS). SPS is the part of the Russian Federation State Comity on Metrology and Standardization (GOSSTANDTART RF), so SPS is the only service authorized to officially acknowledge laboratory`s competence in the radiation measurements
 5.   Russian Informational Centre  
 6.   The Engineering Pedagogy Department of the Moscow State Technical University  The web-site of the department contains the following parts: `About the department`, `Conferences`, `The workshop`, `Projects` and `Publications`.
 7.   The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia  Daily News Bulletin/ MFA of Russia Documents and Materials/ Materials of Government Agencies
 8.   Window to Russia  
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