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 federal okrug: Central
 economic region: Central-Chernozemny
 area: 52.4 th.sq.km.
 population: 2 504 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 36

Administrative centre the town of Voronezh appeared as a fortress in 1586. In 17th century it became the biggest trading point in the south-east of the European Russia. Since 1711 Voronezh became the centre of Azovskaya province, since 1725 - of Voronezhskaya province. In 1928 Voronezh was the centre of Central-Chernozemny region, since 1934 - of Voronezhskaya region

 Geographical location

Voronezhskaya region is situated in the Srednerusskaya highland and occupies 52.6 thousand sq. km, area of agricultural fields is 39.3 thousand sq. km, area of ploughed fields - 30.87 thousand sq. km. The region is covered by forests. There are 2 sanctuaries on the territory of the region.

 Natural resources

Voronezhskaya region is the largest region in the central Chernozemje of Russia. The regional centre is Voronezh. Area of the region is 56.4 thousand square km, population is 2.49 million people. The region is divided into 32 districts. There are 11 towns of local submission.

 Administrative division

Voronezhskaya region is divided into 32 districts, 15 towns, 7 of them - of regional submission, 22 town settlements, 491 villages.Centre of the region is the town of Voronezh, founded in 1177. Distance to Moscow is 587 km.


Regional enterprises produce airbuses IL-86 and IL-96, rocket engines for space equipment, machinery for oil-gas industry, unique blacksmith`s pressing technique, excavators, radio-electronic complexes, synthetic rubber and tyres for automobiles.

Voronezhskaya region is a big manufacturer of foodstuffs. It has great food and recycling industries, including 12 sugar-refineries, 15 meat combines, 6 mill-combines, 8 enterprises of alcohol industry, 34 dairies, 45 catering combines, 120 bakeries.

 Science and education

The region possesses a great scientific potential.
In the region there are 11 state higher educational establishments, including 4 Universities (classical, technical, agricultural, pedagogical), 4 Academies ( engineering, technological, medical), 3 Institutes (pedagogical, of arts, of physical culture), and also 6 departments of Russian and Moscow educational establishments. In Technological University 46 departments make researches on different engineering sectors. More than 20 research sub-units work on the leading industrial enterprises of Voronezh.
Such outstanding people as the poets A. V. Koltsov and I. S. Nikitin, the writers I. A. Bunin and A. N. Platonov were from Voronezh.

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