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 federal okrug: North-Western
 economic region: Volgo-Vyatsky
 area: 145.7 th.sq.km.
 population: 1 350 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 35
 Geographical location

Vologodskaya region is situated in the north-west of the East-European plain. It borders on Kostromskaya, Yaroslavskaya, Tverskaya regions in the south, on Novgorodskaya regions in the south-west, on Leningradskaya region in the west, on the Republic of Karelia and Astrakhanskaya region in the north.

Main rivers are the Sukhona, the Ug, the Mologa, the Sheksna. In the region there are coniferous forests.

The climate of the region is temperate continental.

 Administrative division

Vologodskaya region was founded on 23 September 1937. Area of the region -145.7 thousand sq. km. Population - 1333.7 thousand people. Density of population - 9.2 persons per sq. km.

The region is divided into 26 districts, 4 towns of the regional submission, 11 towns of district submission, 14 town settlements, 375 villages.

Centre of the region is the town of Vologda. It was founded in 1147. Distance to Moscow is 497 km.

Main towns are Vologda, Cherepovets.


Vologodskaya region is the most industrially developed administrative unit of the Northern economic region. Covering 1% of the Russian territory, it produces 19.1% of ferrous metals, 11.8% of mineral fertilization, 12.6% of linen fabrics. Production of Volgograd enterprises makes up 2.3% of overall volume of Russian export.

In comparison with other regions they region avoided abrupt recession of production. In 1999 they achieved 9% of growth.

The region is one the biggest producer of meat, milk, eggs.

Vologodskaya region is oriented to export. In 1999 the sum of export production was $1.237.8 billion. Historically in Vologodskaya region metallurgy is the leading industry, however there is good potential in other branches: chemical, forest. In 1999 the volume of outer trade made up $ 1.377.7 billion. Marketable structure of the export is defined by production of metallurgy, chemical and machine-building enterprises.

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