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 federal okrug: Central
 economic region: Central
 area: 29 th.sq.km.
 population: 1 645 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 33
 Geographical location

Vladimirskaya region has an advantageous geographic and economic position. It is located in the centre of the European part of Russia. There is a network of high- and railways. Hundreds of big and small rivers with the overall length 8.6 thousand km flow on the territory. One of the largest rivers, having an important transport meaning, is the Klyazma.

 Natural resources

In the main Vladimirskaya region is nonresource area, that is why it depends on other territories. More than 70% of bought energy is used for function of economic complex. The general mineral wealth is peat, forest. There are great reserves of different sands and clay, that will provide its long exploitation for production of building materials. At the same time the region is one of the most economically developed parts of Russia, unlike other regions it has not sharply marked concentration of industrial enterprises in the region`s centre.

 Administrative division

The region is divided into 19 districts, 22 towns, 9 of them - of regional submission. Town Raduzhny has the status of a closed territorial formation. There are 36 town settlements, 223 village okrugs, 2477 villages. The centre of the region is Vladimir with the population 361 thousand people, situated in 180 km to the east from Moscow.

 Science and education

Great science-technical potential is concentrated in the region. This is determined by the essential concentration of defence complex and association of Vladimir scientists with scientific centres of Moscow and other highly developed regions. 39 organizations and enterprises make scientific researches in the region.

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