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 federal okrug: Central
 economic region: Central
 area: 84.1 th.sq.km.
 population: 1 651 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 69
 Geographical location

Tverskaya region is biggest in the Central Russia. It joins the most developed economic regions of Russia - the Central and the North-Western. The region is situated between Moscow and St. Petersburg. This unique geographic location determines the peculiarities of its economics. Area of Tverskaya region is 84,201 sq. km. Length from north to south is 250 km, from west to east - 450 km.

 Natural resources

Forests cover more than half of the region`s territory, that is why the region has the developed forest industrial complex. Tverskaya region is rich in water resources. There are more than 600 large lakes, 800 rivers with overall length of 17 thousand km. The pearl of the region is the lake Selinger. The depths of the region are rich in peat, limestone, clay, sand, gravel. There are supplies of mineral medical waters. In the west of the region there is the richest field of salt. In the north-east and the south gas and oil are being explored.

 Administrative division

Population is 1.7 million people: 1.2 million live in towns. The region is divided into 36 districts. There are 23 towns, 33 worker`s settlements, about 9 thousand villages.

The city of Tver (from 1931 till 1990 it was Kalinin) is one of big industrial, scientific, cultural centres of Russia, an administrative centre of Tverskaya region. It was founded in 1135.


Leading branches of industry: power engineering, chemical, forest, textile, printing industries and machine-building.

Agriculture is very important in Tverskaya region. Main branches are stock-breeding, growing of potato, rye, flax. More than 30% of sowings in Russia is occupied by flax in Tverskaya region.

Tverskaya region has steady contacts with foreign partners in science, education, health service, culture and foreign trade. Production of the region`s enterprises is exported to 50 states. Business contacts are fixed with Finland, Germany, the USA, France, Hungary.

 Science and education

There are 4 higher educational establishments: University, Technical University, Medical and Agricultural Academies; 40 secondary special educational institutions and more than 50 technical colleges. In the region there are 2 military colleges. Scientists of the region create unique projects and make researches in different spheres.


In Tverskaya region there are 5 theatres, 39 museums, more than one thousand libraries. Historical legacy is presented by 5 thousand monuments of archeology, 2 thousand monuments of history and 3 thousand monuments of architecture. Towns of the region have centuries-old history. Names of outstanding people are connected with Tverskaya region.

Ancient history, advantageous geographic position between two Russian capitals, rich nature attract tourists.

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