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 federal okrug: Privolzhsky
 economic region: Povolzhie
 area: 68 th.sq.km.
 population: 3 760 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 16
 Geographical location

Tatarstan is situated in the middle of the Russian Federation, on the East-European plain, where two great European rivers the Volga and the Kama merge. Length of the territory from north to south is 290 km, from west to east is 460 km. The republic borders on the republic of Chuvashia in the west, on the republic of Bashkortostan in the east, on the republic of Mary El in the north-west, on the republic of Udmurtia and Kirovskaya region in the north, on Orenburgskaya, Samarskaya and Ulyanovskaya regions in the south.

The climate is temperate continental.

1/6 of the republic is covered by forests.

Main rivers are the Volga, the Kama. There are about 500 small rivers and numerous streams. Big water resources are kept in two largest waterstores-Kuybyshevskoe and Nizhnekamskoe. There are nearly 8 thousand small lakes and ponds. In the depth of the Republic there is considerable supply of subterranean waters: very much mineralized, slightly salted and fresh waters.

 Natural resources

The main mineral wealth of Tatarstan is oil. The Republic has at its disposal 800 million of mining oil. Presumably the oil stock is more than a billion tons. Gas is mined as well, about 40 cubic metres per a ton of oil. Tatarstan has the industrial stocks of limestone, clay for bricks, gypsum, peat, sand, building stone, coal, copper.

 Administrative division

In Tatarstan there are 43 districts, 20 towns (13 of republican submission), 21 town settlements, 897 centres of village administration.

Kazan-capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. Distance to Moscow is 797 km. There are 7 districts in the city.


Tatarstan is one of the most economically developed republics of the Russian Federation. It is situated in the centre of the largest industrial district of Russia, in 800 km to the east from Moscow. Due to historical, geographical, natural conditions and other important factors the Republic of Tatarstan became the most prominent scientific, educational and industrial centre, which is recognized not only in Russia, but also in the whole world. During the reforms the economics of Tatarstan was changed greatly. The leading branches of national economy such as oil-mining and oil-chemistry, automobile-building and others are shared.

The base of economics makes up industry and agriculture. Oil-, gas-mining, oil-chemistry, chemical are the leading industries. Tatarstan is specialized in growing grains, sugar-beets, potatoes; in production of meat, milk, eggs. The greatest quantity of independent enterprises are concentrated in trade and catering (24.8%), in building (13.5%), industry (10.6%), agriculture (8.2%).


In Tatarstan there are 12 professional theatres, philarmonia, several state orchestras, publishing houses, 88 state museums, 300 departmental museums, 1,717 libraries, among them-Scientific Library of Kazan University (4.8 million volumes) and National Library of the RT (3.1 million volumes). About 500 books, 170 newspapers and 35 magazines are published every year. Different international and republican festivals and competitions are organized in Tatarstan. Tatarstan possesses a great historical and cultural legacy. Peoples with different historical past and cultural traditions live in the Republic. The territory of Tatarstan is rich in archeological monuments-the witnesses of the Ancient and Middle Ages past of the Tatars and the ancestors. In the Republic there are monuments of all periods of history of mankind.

The religious situation in multi-national Tatarstan is considered to be stable & reflects the consequences of the changes that affected state-church relations. During last years number of religious communities increased, there are 100 of them. One of the principal position in the religious policy in Tatarstan is the observance of interests of two main religious groups, Islam and Christianity. In the Republic there are about 170 Orthodox communities. Christianity is represented not only by Orthodoxy, but also by Catholic and Protestant religious communities. Organizations of Jews and Lutherans and other communities are registered in the Republic. In Tatarstan the right of freedom of conscience is based on the balance of different ethnic and religious groups` interests.

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