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 federal okrug: Privolzhsky
 economic region: Povolzhie
 area: 53.6 th.sq.km.
 population: 3 312 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 63

Samarskaya province appeared in 1850 and was famous for its bread and agricultural production. The region is also famous for such outstanding people as A. N. Tolstoy, V. G. Korolenko, A. M. Gorky, I. E. Repin, Ya. Gashek.

In 1935 Samara was renamed as Kuibyshev. In 1990 the region got its historical name - Samarskaya region.

 Geographical location

Samarskaya region is situated in the south-eastern part of Russia, in the middle current of the Volga river. The region occupies 53.6 thousand sq. km or 0.31% of the territory of Russia. Samarskaya region borders on the Republic of Tatarstan in the north, on Saratovskaya region in the south, on Orenburgskaya region in the east, on Ulyanovskaya region in the north-west. Length of the region from north to south is 335 km, from west to east - 315 km. Being partially wooded steppe region, Samarskaya region is covered by coniferous forests in the north, the south and the east is steppe zone. Zhigulevskye mountains are the biggest mountains and the most beautiful place in the region. Besides the Volga - main water artery of the region, the largest rivers are the Samara, the Sok, the Kinel, the Bolshoy Irgyz, the Kondurcha.

Samarskaya region has sharp continental climate. Closeness of waterless Asian semideserts influences the climate of the southern districts of the region and causes droughts there. It makes considerable fields of the region zone of risk farming.

 Natural resources

Main minerals of the region are oil and gas. There are also shale, clay, sulphur, mineral waters, table salt, building stone and others. Though Samarskaya region is industrial region flora and fauna of the region are protected. Sanctuaries and natural reserves are of a great importance.

 Administrative division

Samarskaya region is divided into 25 districts, 11 towns of regional submission,23 town settlements, 278 villages.

Centre of the region is the town of Samara. It was founded in 1586. Distance to Moscow is 1,098 km.

3305.8 thousand people live in the region, among them 2662.2 thousand - in towns, 643 thousand - in villages. The biggest cities are Samara (1210.6 thousand people), Toljyatti (721.1 thousand), Syzran (187.3 thousand) and others. The region is multi-national. Majority of population makes up Russians - 83.4%. The process of revival of Cossacks- the first Russian settlements in this land - is going.

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