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 federal okrug: Far-Eastern
 economic region: Far East
 area: 165.9 th.sq.km.
 population: 2 255 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 12
 Geographical location

Primorsky region occupies the south-eastern part of Russia. It is situated in the very southern part of the Far East on the bank of the Japanese Sea. Area of the region is 165.9 thousand sq. km, that makes up 1% of the territory of the RF. Population of the region is 2286.9 thousand people.

Besides continental part the region consists of numerous islands: the Russian, the Popov`s, the Putyatin and others. Distance between the northern and the southern points is 900 km, between the western and the eastern points - 430 km. Primorsky region borders on the Democratic Republic of Korea in the south, on the Republic of China in the west. Primorye is washed by the Japanese Sea in the east and the south-east. Free exit to the Pacific Ocean, peculiarities of geo-political position, diversity of the territory make geographic location of Primorye advantageous.

Vladivostok is the centre of the region, founded in 1860. Population is 634 thousand people. Vladivostok is the biggest city and the largest port on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Russia.


Primorsky region is the most developed region of the Far East in Russia. About 30% of the whole social-economic potential of the Far East is concentrated there.

In the region there are more than 50 branches of industry, agriculture, transport and communication, trade. 36,373 enterprises are registered.

Fuel-power engineering complex, transport and communication make up the base of economics. Power engineering complex is based on the region`s own coal and imported fuel.

All means of transport (sea, railway, automobile, air and electronic) are developed in the region. Overall length of railways is 1628 km, of highways - about 7 thousand km.

Sea transport has the leading meaning. In Primorye there are 5 big ports. Through the ports a lot of important cargoes (food, fuel, machines, equipment) are delivered to Magadanskaya region, Kamchatka, Chukotka and Sakhalin.

The region is specialized in fishing, forest and mining industries and sea transport. Sea fishing is made round the coasts of Primorye and in distant waters of the Pacific Ocean. More than 1 million tons of fish are caught in a year.

About 200 lumbering enterprises prepare 3 million cubic metres of timber in a year. The most valuable trees are cedar, ash, larch. Birch, oak are in a little use.

Machine-building (ship-building, ship-repairing, air-construction) is of a great importance. In the region there are military machine-building enterprises, manufacturing production of the world meaning: military helicopters Ka-50 ("Black Shark") and Ka-52 ("Alligator"), missile complexes.

Great foreign trade contacts are fixed between Primorsky region and Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore. Main exports are sea products, fish, ferrous metals, timber, chemical production, fertilizers.

 Science and education

Vladivostok possesses great scientific and cultural potential. There is Far East Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences and 14 Institutes. In the city there are a lot of research and planning organizations. Vladivostok is the city of students. There are 9 higher educational establishments, the biggest of them is Far East State University, Technical University, Naval Academy named after G. I. Nevelsky, Academy of economy and management.


Theatres play great role in cultural life of the region: Chamber, Dramatic theatre named after M. Gorky. There is philarmonia, circus, galleries. Primorsky department of Geographic society of Russia is the oldest building of regional studies of Primorye.

Vladivostok is the largest historical centre of the region. There are more than 200 monuments. The best resorts of Siberia and the Far East are in the city.

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