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 federal okrug: Privolzhsky
 economic region: Ural
 area: 124 th.sq.km.
 population: 2229 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 56
 Geographical location

Orenburgskaya region is situated in the boundary of Europe and Asia in the basin of the middle current of the Ural. It has boundaries with Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Chelyabinskaya, Samarskaya and Saratovskaya regions. It is one of the largest regions of the RF. Area of the region is 124 thousand sq. km. It is bigger than area of Latvia, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Austria, Portugal. Belgium. Length from west to east is 750 km.

Main features of the climate are determined by region`s remoteness from the ocean. The climate is continental.

 Natural resources

More than 2500 fields, 75 kinds of minerals (gas, oil, coal, copper and iron ore, nickel, salt, marble, gold, silver, lead and others) have been found in the region. Orenburgskoe gas-condensation field, the biggest in Europe, makes up almost 6% of all gas reserves in Russia. Gas, oil, power, metallurgic and machine-building complexes are successfully developed.

 Administrative division

Orenburgskaya region is divided into 35 districts, 12 towns, 1768 settlements. Population of the region is 2.2 million people, representatives of more than 80 nationalities: Russians - 72%, Tatars - 7%, Kazakhs - 5% and others live in the region.

 Science and education

In the region there are 1,560 schools, 45 secondary special educational institutions, 10 higher educational establishments: State University, State Agricultural University, State Medicine Academy, Pedagogical University and others.

Scientific potential of the region is very high. Orenburgsky scientists have got recognition all over the world: professors in medicine - O. V. Bukharin, L. E. Olifson, in agriculture - L. P. Kartashov, N. V. Sadovsky, in industry - corresponding member of International Academy of Technical Cybernetics - R. T. Abdrashitov and many others.


In the region there are 7 professional theatres: Regional Theatre of Drama named after M. Gorky, Theatre of Musical Comedy, Tatar Dramatic Theatre named after M. Faizy, Puppet Theatre.

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