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 federal okrug: Siberian
 economic region: West Siberia
 area: 139.7 th.sq.km.
 population: 2 176 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 55

In 1716 the fortress was founded by the colonel Ivan Bukhgolts. It was the beginning of development of Omsk, one of the oldest cities in Siberia. In the second half of the 18th century the fortress became the biggest construction in the east of the country. By the beginning of the 19th century Omsk - the centre of trade and agricultural science. Transsiberian railway gave a great impulse to town`s development. The years of 1918-1919 were connected with the admiral Kolchak, who proclaimed the town as the capital of Russia. In January 1918 Omskaya region was founded.

 Geographical location

Omskaya region is situated in the southern part of the West-Siberian plain. It borders on Tyumenskaya region in the west and north, on Tomskaya and Novosibirskaya regions in the east, on Kazakhstan in the south and south-west.

The climate is continental.

 Natural resources

Omskaya region is rich in water resources. There are more than 2 thousand rivers with the overall length of 8 thousand km and 16 thousand lakes, 245 of them are salt. The biggest lake is Saltiam. In the region there are a lot of marshes, which occupy more than 25% of the region`s territory. Forests are one of the main wealth of the region. They occupy more than 27% of all territory. Fauna of the region is quite diverse. In Omskaya region there are reserves and monuments of nature. Square of the protected natural territories makes up 7.5% of overall square of the region. In the region there are a lot of fields of different clays, building sands, peat. In the depths of the region there are deposits of oil, gas, iron ore and subterranean waters.

 Administrative division

Area of the region is 139.7 thousand sq. km. It is divided into 32 administrative districts. Population - 2180 thousand people. Average density is about 15 persons per sq. km.

Omsk is a large socially developed centre of the region. It has peculiar economic and geographic position, is one of the leading industrial, cultural and administrative centres of Russia in the east. Square of the city is 52 thousand hectares. Population - 1220 thousand people.

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