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Авто и ремонт.
 federal okrug: North-Western
 economic region: Northern
 area: 144.9 th.sq.km.
 population: 1 048 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 51
 Geographical location

Murmanskaya region is situated on the Kolsky peninsula, washed by the Barents and the White Seas. Area - 144.9 thousand sq. km. Almost all its territory is located beyond the Arctic Circle. Length form north to south is 400 km, from west to east is 500 km.

The region possesses diverse natural resources. There are more than 60 big fields of different mineral raw materials. Almost 30 sorts of minerals are being mined. The most valuable - phosphorus, iron, aluminum, copper, nickel and other rare metals. There are considerable reserves of mica, ceramic and building raw materials. Rich deposits of oil and gas have been found in the Barents Sea.

Murmanskaya region more than other regions is subjected to potential danger of radio-active pollution, because there are big sources of nuclear power: atomic power station, atomic reactors on ships.

Improvement of ecological situation in the region is one of important.

 Administrative division

The region is divided into 5 districts, 8 towns of the regional submission, 3 towns of district submission, 21 town settlements, 20 villages. Population - 1065.9 thousand people. In towns - 91.8%, in villages - 8.2%.

Centre of the region is the town of Murmansk, founded in 1916. Distance to Moscow is 1,967 km.


Opening of North sea way for foreign ships and development of cargo conveyance between west-eastern ports and ports of South-Eastern Asia and Japan can become important factors for attraction of investors.

Administration of the region develops regional guarantees for investments. Major spheres for investments are the following objects: construction of atomic power station, "Atomflot". Programme of conversion of radio-active waste needs considerable investments.

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