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 federal okrug: North-Western
 economic region: North-Western
 area: 84.6 th.sq.km.
 population: 1 676 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 47

Fixing the exit of the state to the sea, Peter the First put a new fortress St.Petersburg on the Neva on 16 May 1703. In 1712 tsar court, Senat and foreign ambassadors removed to St.Petersburg. City-port, the base of Baltic fleet became the capital of Russia.

 Geographical location

Leningradskaya region is washed by Gulf of Finland in the north-west, by the lake Ladoga in the north, by the Onezhskoe lake in the north-east. Historically the region is one of the most important parts of Russia. Area of the region is 85.9 thousand sq. km. Its great part is occupied by lowlands and plains. The highest point above the sea is Vepsovskaya highland - 291 metres.

In Leningradskaya region there are 1800 lakes. The Ladoga is the largest in Europe (18.135 thousand sq. km). Overall length of all rivers in the region is 50 thousand km. The biggest of them are the Neva, Svir, Volkhov, Vuoksa. Forests cover 55.5% of the region`s territory. There are a lot of minerals. The most important - shale, phosphorus, peat.

The region comprises 23 administrative units: 17 districts, 6 towns.

 Science and education

There are 462 schools of general education, 533 kindergartens, 24 evening schools, 5 nonstate schools, 5 pedagogical colleges, Regional State University, Peasant State University, Regional Institute of Economics and Finance.


Leningradskaya region has a wide network of cultural establishments, including libraries, 27 museums, monuments of history and culture (museum-park "Old Ladoga", Ivangorodskaya fortress and many others), more than 100 art schools, 6 state theatres, 3 municipal theatres.

Leningradskaya region has one of the most developed systems of recreation, tourism and sport. In the region there are more than 600 institutions of recreation and treatment, among them - 100 tourist bases, hotels, holiday hotels.

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