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 federal okrug: Siberian
 economic region: West Siberia
 area: 95.5 th.sq.km.
 population: 3063 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 42

Kemerovskaya region was founded in 1943. Regional centre - Kemerovo was founded from villages Shcheglovo and Kemerovo in 1918. Initially the town was called as Shcheglovsk, after 1932 it got the name Kemerovo.

 Geographical location

Kemerovskaya region (Kuzbass) is situated in the south-eastern part of the Western Siberia.

Area - 95.7 thousand sq. km. The region borders on Tomskaya, Novosibirskaya, Altaisky, Krasnodarsky regions, on the republics of Altai and Khakasia.

The climate is continental. The biggest river is Tom.

Great coal supplies determine the second name of the region - Kuzbass.

 Administrative division

The region is divided into 19 districts, 18 towns of the regional submission, 13 districts in towns, 2 towns of district submission, 47 worker`s settlements, 1137 villages. Population of the region is 3157.9 thousand: in town - 2752.9 thousand, in village - 405 thousand.

Centre - Kemerovo (512.7 thousand people). Distance from Moscow to Kemerovo is 3482 km.

 Science and education

Kemerovo is the town of science, culture, art, preparing highly qualified staff. There are about 30 research and project institutes, 2 Universities (Kemerovsky State and Kuzbass State Technical). Departments of Siberian Academy of Natural Sciences and Siberian Engineering Academy are being founded. Present day scientific potential - 20 corresponding members of Academy of Sciences of the RF, 150 Masters of Science, 1000 Doctors of Science.

Kemerovo possesses great cultural potential. There are creative unions of writers, artists, journalists, scientists, architects. In Kemerovo there are philarmonia, circus, dramatic theatre, operetta theatre, museum of regional studies, museum of art, picture gallery, parks, stadiums, swimming baths, puppet theatre.
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