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 federal okrug: Far-Eastern
 economic region: Far East
 area: 472.3 th.sq.km.
 population: 411 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 41
 Geographical location

Kamchatskaya region is situated in the south-east of Russia, including Kamchatka peninsula and Komandorskie islands. Length of Kamchatka from north to south is 1600 km, width of peninsula part - 450 km, continental - 640 km.

In Kamchatka there are 29 active volcanoes, about 300 volcanic constructions. Kamchatka is rich in rivers and brooks - more than 14 thousand. Great number of them have length of 10 km, only 105 rivers - more than 100 km.

Geographic position, sea surrounding and the Pacific Ocean, the relief influence diverse and changeable weather. Coasts of Kamchatka have features of sea climate. In the central and northern districts the climate is continental.

Due to sea surrounding and geographic position Kamchatka is gaining intercontinental meaning in transport system on directions Europe - America, Europe - South-Eastern Asia, South-Eastern Asia - America.

 Administrative division

Kamchatskaya region has 7 districts. Administrative centre is Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Area of Kamchatskaya region is 170,800 sq. km.

Economics of Kamchatka has its own peculiarities. Production complex of the region is presented by industry, sea and air transport, agricultural and building work.

Fish specialization of the region is the most effective, on its base all production and labour potential work. 90% of overall catches occupies active fishing. There is a great competition for raw resources and markets.

The second important branch is forest and wood-working industry. Its production is traditionally exported. Wood goods are in a little demand in Kamchatka. Manufacturing potential of the branch is used only in 50%.

Regional economic policy is founded on following directions:

  • conversion to the open, independent policy
  • establishment and consolidation of economic relations in Asia-Pacific region
  • development of power engineering, using own fuel-power resources
  • reform of transport fleet
  • usage of mineral resources
  • solution of social problems.
  •  Culture

    In 1991 tourism got an official recognition by regional administration. "The conception of tourism development" was approved. Direction of tourism was established.

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