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 federal okrug: North-Western
 economic region: North-Western
 area: 15.1 th.sq.km.
 population: 932 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 39
 Geographical location

Kaliningradsk region is situated in the centre of Europe, in the south-eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, on the territory of the former Eastern Prussia. The borders of the region were fixed by Portsdam conference in 1945.One third of the Eastern Prussia with the capital Kyonigsburg was passed to the former USSR, another part - to Poland. In 1946 Kyonigsburg was renamed as Kaliningrad and became an administrative centre of Kaliningrad region. Due to political changes of the last years Kaliningrad has become the bridge between Russia and West Europe.

Kaliningrad is the only ice-free port of Russia in the Baltic Sea. There are straight routes to the cities of Poland, Germany, Scandinavia, the Baltic States; the shortest transport ways to internal Russian regions.

In the region there are international airport, regular river and ferry communication, railways and bus routes to Poland, Germany, the Baltic States, motorway to Berlin is being reconstructed.


Besides state sector, town`s economics is presented by wide network of private enterprises. Kaliningrad becomes an experimental centre, where new economic structure is designed and different investment programmes are developed. It creates opportunities for economic and cultural collaboration, revival of the town`s role as European centre of culture, science, trade and business.

The region attracts investments for cooperation in development of engineering providing, bank system, transport, port capacities, new technologies, creation of fair-exhibition centre. Kaliningrad occupies one of the leading places in number of joint ventures. Firm business contacts are fixed with Lithuania, Belarus, Poland. There are enterprises invested by France, Italy, Germany, Austria, USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and others - in all more than 60 countries.

The greater quantity of foreign companies participate in trade and financial deals. It makes Kaliningrad one of the focuses in overregional processes for capitals of the former union republics. For many Russian regions Kaliningrad has become the start for integration into European economics; an attractive object for investments.

It is proposed to organize free financial zone for work of foreign banks. It is one of the step in regional development as special economic zone.


Kaliningrad is economic and cultural centre at the Baltic Sea with increasing number of tourists. Tourism is becoming quite perspective.

Main sightseeing: unique national park "Kurshnskaya kosa", botanical garden, Kaliningrad zoo. In Kaliningrad there is Museum of Amber, the only in Russia. On the legendary research ship "Vityaz" there is an exposition of Museum of the World Ocean. Well-known sailing vessel "Kruzenshtern" and research ship "Academic Keldysh" became famous after shooting of unique materials for the film "Titanic". Kaliningrad dramatic theatre, puppet theatre, organ hall of Kaliningrad philarmonia are very popular. Collaboration of Kaliningrad with cities of the Baltic States causes organization of the first International Festival of Folk Works (1992), International Art Festival (1993).

Kaliningrad possesses high scientific potential. There are research institutes, two Universities, technical and arts colleges.

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