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 federal okrug: Far-Eastern
 economic region: Far East
 area: 36 th.sq.km.
 population: 210 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 79

The idea to found Jewish national autonomy in the USSR belonged to the leading statesmen, M. I. Kalinin and P. G. Smidovich. In 1924 the expedition explored the territory in the South Priamurje in the region of the rivers - the Bira and the Bidzhan. In 1930 Birobidzhansky national region was founded, in 4 years it was changed to Jewish national autonomous region.

 Geographical location

Jewish national autonomy has an advantageous geographic position in the Far East. It borders on Amurskaya region in the west, on Khabarovsky region in the east. Due to the closeness of the Pacific Ocean coast and countries of this region the JAR develops economic, trade and cultural relations.

The region is an important transit element in transport communication of Russian regions and West Europe with Asian-Pacific states.

 Natural resources

The autonomy is one of the favourable districts of the Far East. There are 2 types of relieves: mountain and plain. The climate is continental. Winters are cold, not snowy. Summers are warm and damp.

Main wealth of the region is fertile land, diverse minerals, rivers the Amur, the Bira, the Bidzhan, forests. Overall length of rivers is 8,231 km. Flora and fauna are quite diverse. In the region`s waters there are 73 species of fish.

5 state natural complex reserves occupy 225 thousand hectares.

 Administrative division

Jewish autonomy is a constitutional subject of the RF. It has 5 districts, 2 towns, 12 town settlements and 47 villages.

Area of the autonomy is 36.3 thousand sq. km. Population is about 210 thousand people.

Regional administrative, economic and cultural centre is town of Birobidzhan (84 thousand people). Distance to Moscow is 8,361 km.


Jewish autonomy is a developed industrial and agricultural region. It has the status of free economic zone, that gives additional opportunities for development. The autonomy is a big supplier of tin, lime, gold, building materials. In the region there are 2,745 organizations.

 Science and education

A developed network of scientific establishments was created. In the region there is Institute of Complex Analysis of Regional problems of the Far East department of Academy of Sciences, Jewish Department of Institute of National Educational Problems, State Pedagogical Institute, Medical college, college of culture, mechanical technical college.

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