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стекло лобовое муссо
 federal okrug: Privolzhsky
 economic region: Volgo-Vyatsky
 area: 18.3 th.sq.km.
 population: 1 361 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 21
 Geographical location

The Republic of Chuvashia is situated in the centre of the European part of Russia - in Volgo-Vyatsky region. It borders on Nizhegorodskaya region in the west, on the Republic of Mary El in the north, on Tatarstan in the east, on the republic of Mordovia and Ulyanovskaya region in the south. Population of the Republic is 1360,4 thousand people, about 40% of them live in villages. Density of population is 74.3 persons per sq. km.

Chuvashia has a unique nature. Main rivers are the Volga, the Sura, the Tsivil. There are 400 lakes. The climate of the Republic is continental.There are great reserves of minerals in Chuvashia.

There are deposits of peat, sands, clay, gypsum, carbonates, shale. Supplies of oil and gas have been found in the republic. 30.8% of the territory is covered by forests.

 Administrative division

In the republic there are 21 districts, 9 towns, 8 town settlements, 1727 villages. Capital of the republic is the town of Cheboksary with the population of 500 thousand people, founded in 1469.

Chuvashskaya autonomous region was established on the 24th of June in 1920. In 1922 it was renamed as Chuvashskaya republic. President is the head of the Republic, elected for the term for 4 years.


Enterprises of Chuvashia has right to independent outlet to foreign market. There are 144 enterprises-exporters. Exports: machine-building production, chemical, electrotecnical, consumer goods, agricultural raw materials, tourism services. Export of Chuvashia is presented by production of oil-chemical (41%) and machine-building complex (44%). Chuvashia exports its products to 60 states of the world. Traditional partners are Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Belarus, Germany, Hungary, Italy. There are 80 joint ventures in the republic.

 Science and education

In Chuvashia there are nontraditional educational establishments: Republican Chuvashsko-Turkish Lyceum, Trakovskaya Chuvashsko-German school-gymnasia, Chuvashsko-French department of Lyceum. In higher educational establishments there are 119 Masters, 785 Doctors of Science and 670 teachers. International relations with foreign universities have been fixed: International Institute of Business Undertakings and Management. Chuvashia has contracts and agreements with 20 foreign organizations. The Republic develops connections with Rossendorf`s Institute of Nuclear Researches and Free University of Berlin, Technical University (Austria), National Centre of Scientific Researches (Greece), National Institute of Cancer Researches (the USA), Polytechnical University (China). In the republic there is National Academy of Sciences and Arts, which includes 75 corresponding members.

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