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 federal okrug: Southern
 economic region: Northern Caucasus
 area: 17.3 th.sq.km.
 population: 1 000 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 20

The Chechens are the natives of the North Caucasus. Alans invaded this territory in the 9 - 12 centuries, the Golden Horde - in 13 - 15 centuries, later Russia could force out all the rivals. Chechen autonomous region was founded on the 30th of November in 1922. In 1934 Chechen and Ingush regions united into Checheno-Ingushskaya autonomous region, which on the 5th of December 1936 was changed into Checheno-Ingushskaya Socialist Republic. On the 23rd of February 1944 the Republic was liquidated and people were forcibly deported to the regions of Kazakhstan and Middle Asia. On the 9th of January 1957 Checheno-Ingushskaya Republic was restored. The Republic of Chechnya was founded in September-November 1991 as a result of disintegration of the former USSR.

 Geographical location
The Republic is situated in the north-eastern part of Caucasus. In the west the republic borders on Ingushetiya, Northern Osetiya, in the north - on Stavropolsky krai, in the east - on Dagestan, in the south - on Georgia. The area of the Republic is 17.3 thousand sq. km. Main rivers are the Terek and the Sunzha.
 Natural resources
The Republic of Chechnya has an advantageous geographic location. Important rail- and highways, connecting districts of the North Caucasus with the whole Caucasus and countries of CIS, go through the republic. Having quite a small territory, the republic is notable for diversity of natural conditions. The republic is rich in valuable species of trees and meadows. The depths of Chechnya are also rich in oil and other minerals.
 Administrative division
The Republic is divided into 5 towns and 20 village districts. There are about 400 settlements. The population is more than 1 million people, among them - 70% of Chechens. The capital of the republic is the town of Grozny with population of 400 thousand people.
In September 1991 Chechenskaya republic declared about its sovereignty. In 1992 the post of President was established. Those acts were not recognized by the Russian Federation. Dudaev`s politics was resulted in social and politic crisis in Chechnya, serious violation of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. In December 1994 armed forces of the Russian Federation were brought to Chechnya. Opposition of Chechen armed formations caused the war. In August 1996 Khasavjurt agreements were signed. Restoration of government bodies, national economy began. Aslan Maskhadov became the president of the republic.

In September 1999 military operations in the territory of Chechnya recommenced.

As a result of events of 1999-2001 economics, culture, social infrastructure, towns and some villages of the republic were ruined

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