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 federal okrug: Central
 economic region: Central
 area: 34.9 th.sq.km.
 population: 1 480 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 32
 Geographical location

Bryanskaya region was founded in 1944. The region is situated in the central part of the East-European plain. It has boundaries with Belarus & Ukraine. Area - 34.9 thousand square km, length from west to east - 270 km, from north to south - 190 km. Population - 1474.9 thousand inhabitants: in towns - 1003.1 thousand, in villages - 471.8 thousand. Density of population - 42 men/square km.

Climate is temperate continental. Winter is mild and snowy, summer is warm.

125 rivers with the overall length 9000 km flow there. The largest river is a tributary of the Dnieper, the Desna. There are 49 lakes, the Kozhany is the largest.

 Natural resources

  • Natural minerals
    There are reserves of peat, sands, clay, chalk for building materials and glass industries, reserves of phosphate ore for manufacture of mineral fertilizations.
  • Forests
    Bryanskaya region is located in zone of forests, only the extreme south-east is in the forest-steppe zone. Forests cover 1 million hectares; the most valuable-pine forests (42%). There are a lot of birches (23%) and aspens (15%). General supplies of wood - 100 million cubic metres. Park "Bryansky forest" occupies 12 thousand hectares.
  •  Administrative division

    The region consists of 27 districts, 16 towns, among them 5 - of the regional submission, 27 town settlements. The regional centre is Bryansk (458 thousand citizens, founded in 985, in 379 km from Moscow). Big towns: Klintsy, Novozybkov, Dyadkovo.


    In 1995 volume of trade circulation made up $ 205 million, including export - $ 66.4 million and import - $ 138.5 million. Mainly machines and equipment are exported. Traditional foreign partners are firms of such states as Italy, Germany, USA, Poland, Great Britain, Denmark, Bulgaria. In the region 124 joint ventures were founded. The biggest of them are Russian-German "Intergasoborudovanie", "Evrometall", "Interremmash", Russian-Spanish "Kalinka", Russian-Singapore "Agros-Amtel".

     Science and education
    Intellectual potential: Bryansky State Technical University, Bryanskaya Agricultural Academy, Bryanskaya State Technological Academy, Malaya Forest Academy, Bryansky State Pedagogical University.
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